T.A. Zaidi

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T.A. Zaidi


Email: zaiditahir@outlook.com 

Cell: (647) 531-9875

Meet T.A. Zaidi

But this one is different, how? Let me introduce myself first. My Name is T. A. Zaidi and I am an independent contractor representing REMAX REALTRON REALTY INC. BROKERAGE.

How can I be different from those thousands of Sales Representatives knocking doors around the city? Well, I have a number of  qualifications  attached to my portfolio which all complement the real estate industry as a whole. Being an owner of a variety of businesses such as Architectural Consultancy, Construction, Interior Design andReal Estate allows me to bring many different perspectives to the table when it comes to Real Estate. Plus being an active Real Estate investor myself, I have the experience on both sides of the table.

My experience hails back from the world's fastest growing cities, The City of Dubai, UAE; with exposure to The City of New York, US; London, UK and now Toronto, Canada.

I build homes for families and for individuals, using my Architectural Skills, I design homes using solid foundations with my Structural Engineering Skills and make a home where families and individuals want to relax once inside using my interior designing skills.

How can I sell your home, or help buy you a home, and why would you want to choose me as your representative? Selling a home or buying a home is not a business for many of us families or individuals, it is a decision that we make at one point in our lives when we are ready to live a happy and comfortable life so why not choose a person who canunderstand those feelings that go into buying a home.

That person can either be a family member or a close friend, but another person who plays a major role making the final decision is a person who belongs to the industry, a person who can help you locate the pros and cons of a house and convert it into a home, a person who can structurally understand the strengths or weaknesses of a house and rectify it to be converted into a home, a person who works with you emotionally and understands that you need a home and not a house.

I belong to a family business of individuals who have worked for the past 40 years selling and buying homes for people and the one basic strength that has pulled us so far is the value of an individual person's emotions attached to buying a home and selling a home. With my track record I am confident enough that I am everyone's first choice when it comes to making major decisions in terms of Real Estate and I am confident that I will be the preferred Representative when its your time to make such a decision.

T. A. Zaidi


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