Why are people investing and purchasing in Real Estate outside of the Greater Toronto Area and Toronto

Saturday Jun 06th, 2020


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Well the new norm at the moment in Canada and in most parts of the world is to work from home. Companies have witnessed that their employees are happy plus more productive working from home, everyone has realised that their daily routine of getting dressed, gulping their breakfast and stressing to beat the morning and after work traffic is not stressful anymore. Individuals have now been able to spend time with their families working from home, we have learned that work can be done from anywhere in this digital age so long as one has access to the internet, a work station and a comfortable chair. Children who would stress themselves to rush for school buses have now learned that they are more at ease studying remotely. Parents, teachers and students are happy to witness an increase in productivity.

Ofcourse it goes without saying that social distancing is not something humans are prone to, they do need to mingle and socalise with each other but most of the stressful responsibilities are now less stressful. People now have more time to get things done at their own pace and they have more time to go back to the basics, such as more outdoor activities, practising and improving their cooking skills, keeping their home much cleaner hygienically and most importantly they've learned to live together all at one time. They've learned patience and self learning skills and have also learned to appreciate everything around them. 

All this is an amazing turn of events for many I know, and they want to continue this way, but ofcourse they want to socialise with friends and do group activities together. With this change of events in the professional business culture and this new norm of studying and working from home many people have shown interests of relocating their homes closer to nature. They want to get out of the expensive and crowded neighborhoods and live where Real Estate is still cheaper to own and rent. Many want to get into bigger houses with larger lots that have tons of green, many want to get out of the stress of maintaining expensive houses and paying alot in property taxes. 

This new norm has led home owners thinking of selling their expensive, small homes or condos to live in Cities like Barrie, Innisfil, Oshawa, Bowmanville, Niagra, Guelph and many other untouched cities. With this new norm, demand has increased in the suburban areas.

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